My 2014 in review

It’s never too late to make a year review, Facebook could have done it for me but it would not have been realistic 🙂

2014 has been a great year, it was a special year because that is the first time I worked the whole year ! (sorry teachers but I’ve never considered “working” when I was student)


My friends are changing through the time, it’s always the same cycle : lose friends, find new friends, lose friends again, and so on… Only a few will stay friends for a long time 🙂

That’s the same cycle for love, but this one is longer and finding a new girlfriend is more difficult than finding new buddies !

The most important is that I do not feel alone, even if I’ve been single for a few months 🙂

Since may 2014 I live in a flat sharing in the downtown of Nantes, previously I was living alone during one year and I really felt alone during this period. If I could I would live all of my life in a flat sharing !


I’ve been in Brussels for the 2014 new year’s eve with four of my friends. We stayed there for one week, tasted a lot of different beers, laughed a lot using our very-low-level jokes, met a lot of (drunk) people and visited the Atomium (tourist time !).

A good friend of mine asked me if I wanted to volunteer for the festival “Les vieilles charrues” (located in Carhaix) in mid july. I did not hesitate a long time before saying yes ! (thank you! really…)
It was the opportunity to have a free ticket for a 4-days festival (one of the biggest in France), discover new music bands, view some music groups I like and be a bartender at the biggest french festival 🙂
I discovered a lot of great bands : Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, Von pariahs, Casseurs Flowters, Skip the use…
I really enjoyed being a bartender, I’ve already done bartending for smaller parties but never for a big big festival like this !

During the summer I’ve been in Lloret del Mar (Spain) with two of my friends during less than a week. We were in a camping where people were almost all french ! It’s a city with a lot of french tourists, I’ve never learnt spanish and I did not have to use it there.
The only words I said in spanish were “hola!” and “una cerveza por favor”. These holidays were pretty simple : sleep, eat, swim, drink, eat, drink, sleep (repeat this multiple times 🙂 )

When we have left Lloret del Mar, we made a stop in Dax for “Les férias de Dax” (google it). It’s a huge party that lasts 5 days. We stayed there 4 days and then came back to Nantes, we were very very tired 🙂
That was the first time I was going to this party and each time I meet people I haven’t seen for years, it’s always a pleasure 🙂


I’ve worked at Eurogiciel all the year, during this year I’ve been working as a consultant at Alyotech (2 months) and then at Orange Applications for Business (6 months).
By working in three different companies I have met a lot of great people and I got the opportunity to be hired by Orange. I took that opportunity so I will be an Orange employee on the 1st April 2015


Two things are noticeable :

I started blogging : It’s been a long time I’ve been thinking about blogging but I’ve never took the time to do it. Now I have time to blog so here it is !
I saw the star wars saga for the first time in my life! I’m not fond of SF but I enjoyed it 🙂

 One last word

A lot of other things happened : birthdays, parties, etc. but I don’t have the ability to remember everything I’ve done during this year 🙂

All that I can say is that I’m happy to live with all of you! It has been a greaaat year !

NB : I do not mention anyone in this post but you certainly know if I’ve talked about you 😉

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