My sad songs playlist

This playlist is composed of some of my favourite songs.

Each and every song is melodic and kind of calm… Feel free to listen to them, maybe you will discover new artists!

Listen to those songs reminds me several parts of my life: events, parties, relationships and so on… Others are listed here for their lyrics, listen carefully 😉

Maybe some of you will recognize the meaning of a few songs 🙂

Here is the list :

Frank Sinatra – That’s life
Jefferson Airplane – When the earth moves again
John Lennon – Imagine
Simon and Garfunkel – The sound of silence
Janis Joplin – Mercedes benz
Led Zeppelin – Stairway to heaven
Vampire Weekend – Taxi cab
Manu Chao – La vie à deux
The Beatles – Strawberry field
The Strokes – Call me back
Sonic Youth – Do you believe in rapture
Bruce Springsteen – Born to run
The Byrds – Ballad of easy rider
Jimmy Cliff – Many rivers to cross
Little Joy – No one’s better sake
Lynyrd Skynyrd – Free bird
Leonard Cohen – The partisan
Soja – Everything change
Lou Reed – Perfect day
The Byrds – Eight miles high
Buffalo Killers – Heaven you are
The Pixies – Hey
Franz Ferdinand – Goodbye lovers and friend
Soja – When we were younger
The White Stripes – Conquest
David Bowie – Life on Mars
Skip the Use – Être heureux
Sonic Youth – Do you believe in rapture?
Wolfmother – Mind’s eye (added on August 5th 2016)
Jain – Heads up (added on September 2nd 2016)

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