How to configure Pidgin to use Google talk

I know what you are looking for, you are fond of the wonderful GTK interface (let’s assume it), so you don’t like Hangouts (ex Google Talk) after all it’s just for hipsters!

Because you do want to continue to chat with your hipsters friends, here is the solution to use a good alternative: Pidgin

Create a new XMPP account

Username: your email address without “@” part.
Resource: set it to “home”
You can set a local alias if you want to 🙂


In the tab “Advanced”, set the field “Connection security” to “Require encryption” and set the port to 5222.


Configure the proxy if any.

The configuration of the account is done, you can click on “Save”.

Then you get the error “Non Authorized”

You got that error (screenshot below) because you must give the authorization from your google account.


Just after trying to connect to google IM, you will receive an email from google saying that some application tried to access to your account.


Because you are understanding what you are doing and because you are really yourself, you can click on the second link 🙂

You’ll be redirected to a page that will let you activate less secure apps to access to your google IM.


Once you have activated access for less secure apps, you will receive a confirmation email from google.

Everything is done! Now in Pidgin you just have to click on button “Re-enable” to re-try to connect to google IM.

That’s it! Feel free to contact me if you got any problem 🙂

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