My first year of blogging

It’s been one year I started this blog, I tried and achieved to post “regularly” (in my terms 🙂 ). My blog is based on WordPress, the admin panel offers some interesting statistics.

Main statistics

WordPress offers a view with major statistics:

blog stats for 2015

As I planned I’ve posted 24 times, 2 times a month. Each visitor viewed in average two posts.

The day I got the most views was on January 4th, this day I’ve posted my new year’s resolutions on my facebook account so some of my friends read it (or at least clicked on the link!)


Visitors have been connected from the following countries (descending by number of visitors) :

France, United States, India, Germany, European Union, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Mexico, New Caledonia, Vietnam, Japan, Philippines, Russia, Malaysia, Slovakia, Poland, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Singapore, Austria, Morocco, Greece, Lithuania, Portugal, Ecuador, China, Hong Kong SAR China, Ukraine, Romania, Venezuela, Sweden, Argentina, Sudan, Finland, Brazil, Taiwan, Netherlands, Bulgaria, United Arab Emirates, Peru, Ireland

This list is growing, someday I’ll get them all! 🙂

This year I’ve worked with an international team (mostly people from USA and India), that’s why we can see these two countries at the top of the list.

What I’ve learnt

I have not written a lot of posts, and the ones I wrote are not very very long. Nevertheless I feel that I’ve learnt some things by blogging during one year:

  • Writing new posts take a lot of time…. Time to write, review, (try to) correct mistakes, beautify aaaand publish!
    I thought I would have been more productive but it’s not that easy, but I’m progressing on redacting posts.
  • Internet is full of spam bots, Akismet is quite good at spotting spam comments (282 as of today)
  • Few people visit my blog but I think (and I want to think) that it has already helped some people!
  • Writing technical posts is far easier than writing non-tech posts

Let’s continue

I have still a lot of pending posts, ~20 technical posts and ~5 non-technical. Each time I see a thing that could be a post I add it in my “to write list”. I have to try to reduce the size of this list, some items are quite old I think I will never write them.

I can make efforts about my blog visibility, especially in sharing new posts on social networks. I do post non-technical posts on facebook because some of my friends could be interested in reading them.
But for technical posts I do not share them on any social network, one improvement could be to post them on specific tech groups on LinkedIn and Viadeo (as a lot of bloggers already do) in order to gain visibility.

A last point should be to participate in Liferay and Alfresco communities (forums + Stack Overflow), so I could gain a lot of visibility and reputation. This point would cost me a lot of time and for the moment I don’t have the required time to do so…

To be continued… 😉

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