No future – personal reactions after Paris terror attacks

Below is a short post I wrote after what happened in Paris last weekend… That’s my personal point of view, feel free to react.

My thoughts

Last weekend our country has been targeted again, innocent people were killed again… There are a lot of terror attacks all over the world, we are daily informed about them, it seems so far away from France that I’m almost used to it now…

But when it strikes your country it’s not the same feeling, it’s like “why are they killing innocent people?”. I find it a bit weird to feel more pain when it’s my country than when it happens in others, after all we are all human beings, we should love each other like a big family…

I still don’t understand what’s going on in minds of these crazy people who are capable of making themselves explode just because of their beliefs… How could they explain that killing people will help other people in any way ? Violence will generate only more violence…

I know our country is not the peaceful country I wish it could be… Their reaction by bombing Syria will kill innocent people too… And will generate hatred against France and western countries again… Violence is not a solution

I can’t imagine the feelings of people who are daily attacked by crazy people, it seems logical that they want to leave their countries to try to find some hope and reasons to live somewhere else far away from bombs & mines. We can’t blame them for this, they just want to be alive


People will be more afraid of strangers… and I think not in the good way. We should not be afraid of people, we are all equal. We should destroy the roots of the evilness, unfortunately Batman does not exist so how could we fight them? And by the way, where/what are they?

As a citizen the only way I may help is by letting my vote in the right political party… “Right” is so subjective but in my opinion it’s not located in the right wing of the assembly.

I believe that the solution should be delivered by people who believe in human beings as it may be found in the left wing… (again, that’s subjective, and as of now I don’t consider the current goverment as a part of the left wing)

We do have upcoming elections, by the end of the year there are regional elections and in 1.5 year we have national elections… All these sad events will impact the way people will vote and it will also have impact on the future laws that will be passed… I’m afraid that our future is not going to be very funny.

Next year there will be a European soccer competition hosted in France, I hope they won’t be any attacks there, security will be at his highest level so let’s hope we won’t have new attacks…

No future

I have always been a little pessimistic on our future, because of all reasons (ecological, ethical, political, economical, etc.) but it’s getting worse with that kind of events… I do like my country, the Europe, the world… But I really think that this world is becoming shittier every day that goes by…

I have great friends/family a nice job and a nice living situation, but still, I don’t want to invest myself in the future. That’s not because I fear to be killed, that’s because I think that the whole situation is getting worse and worse…
I think that only a real social & economical change (at global scale) could change the way we will live together. What’s more important than peace ?

We are all human, we just want to live happily together regardless of whatever criterias.

(A good after-reading-song: Frank Sinatra : That’s life)

3 thoughts on “No future – personal reactions after Paris terror attacks

    • Yes I agree with you, by “left” I mean “left human values” like equality and solidarity… Basic values 🙂

      We need everyone to govern, not only a few elite people.

      Thanks for the T-Shirt I’ll buy it !! 😉

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