My personal review of 2015

2015 is over… As usual I feel like time goes by so fast!

When listing what I’ve been doing this year I realized that work is consuming most of my time… Still lot of years to go before retirement ! 🙂

Facebook year review app is not so good as I don’t share a lot of things, that’s why I prefer to do it by myself.

Family & Friends

  • My closest sister got a baby girl named Capucine. She is the third of my nephews/nieces, and it’s kind of special for me because I’m her godfather. Welcome Capucine 🙂
  • I’ve worked on a project with people all around the world, thanks to that I met Sanjana, Bavithra, Shaziya, Sumisha (and a lot of other people). I’ve discovered a lot of things about indian culture and we had a lot of non-sense discussions!
  • I’ve met Blandine at Claire’s birthday, even if she does not understand my humor, we have a lot of nice discussions. I’m very pleased to have met her.
  • After one year and some months living in flatsharing with Laurent, I’ve moved to another flatsharing with Jesse since July.

Notable events

  • I was in Dublin for the 2014 new year’s eve with Jesse, Davy and Laurent. This city is nice but there is only one thing to do: go to the pub. We had fun there, we went to a lot of nice pubs but there are not a lot of things to see. Three or four days would have been enough. We spent the NYE in a gigantic bar (four big floors), we met a lot of people who went from various countries around Europe, party finished late in the night… 🙂
  • I celebrated my 24th birthday in my parents house with friends from Vendée and Nantes, we were around 30 people in the garage. Alcohol mixed with my father’s old/work clothes has produced some really nice pics… (I won’t share them here otherwise this would be the end of my career!). We had great times, thanks all for coming (especially my university friends!), and thanks for the gifts!
  • I went to Paris with Arnaud to see a concert of AC/DC at the Stade de France. AC/DC is one of the first band I’ve listened when I started listening music (like 10 years ago). It was really awesome, they are pretty old but they are still really good… They played all their classic songs, I have enjoyed one of my favorite: Back in black.
    After the show, we joined a house-cooling party at Bouboule & Gwen’s flat. It was really nice, especially when we threw beer tanks through the window (hahaha).
  • We spent a week in a southern region of France named “Ardèche” with ten other people. We have rent a big house via Airbnb, with lot of rooms, a big garden and a swimming pool. During this week we have made lot of activities: hiking (+ wine & cheese), canoeing, canyoning, eating and the most important: partying. I hope we could spend some holidays all together in 2016 again.
  • As I said at the beginning of this post, I’ve moved to a new flatsharing with Jesse. New location == housewarming. I think this is one of the biggest party we have ever organized & made… We were at most 50 people in our flat (70 m²), we had put away my bed and lot of stuff in Jesse’s room so the party could take place in living room + my room. It ended at 7AM, we spent one week to clean up the whole flat, it was like a disaster. The ground was so sticky: confettis + beer + cocktails + flour… We got our revenge several times against some people who were so happy to make some silly things!
  • A lot of terror attacks have been committed in 2015, people are going crazy + France is doing mistakes. I wrote a post about it if you want to know a bit more about what I think of all of this: No Future

Music festivals

This year I went to two festivals:

  • “Au foin de la rue”: that was the first time for us, we went there because another festival was cancelled. It was a really good finding, we have seen one of my favorite raggae bands: “SOJA”. I hope we will go there in 2016 too 🙂
  • “Les Vieilles charrues”: Second time for me as a volunteer in this big festival (one of the biggest in Europe). This year was not that good in terms of music, but the atmosphere was still super! I was volunteering at the bar (my favorite task) again this year. I’ll be back in 2016 with the same team 😉


  • I’ve resigned from Eurogiciel to work for Orange Applications for Business in April. By the way, I’ve pulled in a good friend of mine, Ed. He left Orange before finishing his trial period (haha :)).
  • I’ve worked on a big project for HP during 9 months (before HP split in two separate companies). It’s the biggest project I’ve ever worked on, I’ve met a lot of people during this period. Since HP has split, I’m working for HP Inc on the same project but with a smaller team.


  • I’ve had my two wisdom teeth extracted.
  • My hair is growing…

That’s all I got for 2015, it has been a great year, thank you all for having participated so much in my life!

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