2016 New Year’s resolutions

2016 has already started, let’s make a short review of my 2015 resolutions and let’s set new ones.

2015 resolutions review

Cut in half my cigarette consumption => Achieved!

Write at least 25 posts in my blog => Achieved!
Not an easy one because I’m not used to write things, even if most of the posts are not so long I tried and achieved to post twice a month! It worked 🙂

Travel in two different (new) countries => Failed
Only one out of two. Because I’ve changed jobs last April, I had not as many leaves as I would have wanted. I should be able to travel more in 2016.

Eat better (mainly during the weekend!!) => Achieved!
I’m eating much more vegetables & fruits than before, I eat far less processed & industrialized food. There are no direct effects on my weight but that was not the goal so that’s good.

2016 new resolutions

Continue to eat better
Less fast food, more vegetables & fruits (planned: 7-10 portions a day). Try to eat food that is produced as near as possible (vegetables, fruits, cheese, etc.)

Continue to smoke less
Two cigarettes a weekday max, 4-5 cigarettes on Saturday. Total max 10 cigarettes a week.

Try to travel more
the goal here is to find a city/country that I could like and where I could work later (Any propositions are welcomed!)

Next review in 2017! 🙂

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