Time flies — I’m thinking about leaving

About time

I’ll be 25 years old this year, that’s an important step for me, I’m neither 20 nor 40… Neither young nor old… My family and my friends are getting older, babies and love stories are new kind of usual events for me.

All these events make me feel like everything around me is going into a routine. I am working from Monday to Friday & having good times from Friday night till Sunday, it has been my routine for the last three years…

And by the way, the last three years are probably the ones that has passed the quickest… These have been really nice, but I’m afraid of that could become my routine for the years to come.

Let’s say I’ve almost lived one-third of my whole life, during this first third I’ve always lived near where I’m born.

What about in ten years? Still in Nantes doing the same job? Some trips & new friends but nothing more?

I’m afraid of getting older…


One thing I hate is having regrets (I don’t think somebody on Earth like them 🙂 ), that’s why I take few risks. All I try in my life has a high percentage of success because the risk is low. I’m in my comfort zone.

What does this comfort zone include? A lot of nice stuff, true friends, big & growing family, nice city, nice job, etc.

What if I could find more happiness elsewhere? Could I die here without traveling much? Could I express regrets of not having done various & new things?

I’m pretty sure I’ll feel regrets about not having moved somewhere else. How can I have the courage to leave my comfort zone?

I should at least give it a try, a few years are nothing in a lifetime. Plus, it’s easier to do while I’m still “young”.


As of now I’m waiting for opportunities to come, then I take them or not. I could create my own opportunities by kicking myself out of my proper routine.

  • I don’t have any strong dependencies as of now: no debts to pay, no house owned, no girlfriend.
  • I’m a software developer, there’s plenty of work around the world. And, it’s easy to work remotely, I just need an Internet connection.
  • Thanks to the project I’ve been actually working on for 1 year and a half (for Hewlett-Packard), I’ve met a lot of people coming from all over the world. I’ve made new friends and discovered new cultures, without moving from Nantes! That’s great but I would like to discover new people & cultures with my own eyes.
  • My english is now “OK”, I mean I can understand it and use it (thanks to all the meetings I have everyday). Recently I traveled to Prague and Dublin and it was fine (but I still have my french accent 😉 )
  • Thanks to Europe we can easily move from one country to another.
  • Internet is accessible everywhere, I can easily stay in touch with my family & friends.

The opportunities I have now, I may not have them in twenty years.
Why should I wait? I have plenty of answers to this question, to summarize: I’m feeling well as of today.
I feel like I’m waiting for an event to come that would kick me out of my current situation… What kind of event? What if it does not happen?

Next steps

  • Spare money
  • Think about where to go & where to work
  • Answer all the questions in this post

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