Liferay 6: Where is created ThemeDisplay?

In Liferay the object “ThemeDisplay” is kind of a god-object, it contains a lot of fields/methods that might be useful all around the portal.

All the data provided by this object is not especially related to Liferay themes, so if you are looking for a specific piece of data you should at least give a look to that object. You might find what you want in it.

Init of the ThemeDisplay instance

It could be useful to know how this god-object is generated, all the source code is available in the class, method initThemeDisplay.

ThemeDisplay in JSP

<liferay-theme:defineObjects />

(source of the tag: com.liferay.taglib.theme.DefineObjectsTag)

ThemeDisplay in Java controller

ThemeDisplay themeDisplay = (ThemeDisplay)request.getAttribute(

ThemeDisplay in Velocity (VM)


(added in Velocity context from this class: com.liferay.portal.velocity.VelocityVariablesImpl)

ThemeDisplay in Freemarker (FTL)


(added in Freemarker context from this class: com.liferay.portal.freemarker.FreeMarkerVariablesImpl)

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