A new journey begins

After thinking about it for a while, I’m leaving France for the next two years.

Where ?

I’m going to live in Montreal (Canada). I’ve never been there but I heard only nice feedback about this city 🙂

What about India?

I told many people that I was planning to go to Bangalore (India) but things did not move as fast as I wished.

Suddenly, SII (an IT company, with an office in Montreal) sent me a email saying that they found my profile interesting and that they wanted to have an interview with me.

An interview is pretty quick and you don’t have to make a commitment on the spot, so I’ve accepted to meet them. They convinced me, I had a second interview the day after. Without thinking too much, I’ve accepted to join them!

I’ve written “suddenly” because they contacted me on July 22nd, I’ve accepted on July 28th, I quit Orange on August 1st. This is the meaning of “to seize an opportunity” 🙂


As soon as possible, I quit Orange on August 1st and there is a 3 months notice, thus I go to Montreal in November.


I need to get out of my comfort zone and to find new life challenges. That’s kind of a reset 🙂

I’ve already explained my way of thinking here

What are you going to do there?

Same as today: IT consultant, working on Java web applications (design, code).

Many thanks

I’d like to thank some people who have listened to me and gave me advice: Edouard, Blandine, Sanjana and Iwan.

I’ll miss all of you… You can come whenever you want to meet me there, I’ll be happy to see you!

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