Liferay 6: how to get web contents by category

Below is the Java snippet to get the list of web contents which belong to a specific category.

public List<JournalArticle> getArticlesByCategory(AssetCategory category) throws SystemException {

	// Build query
	AssetEntryQuery query = new AssetEntryQuery();
	query.setAllCategoryIds(new long[] { category.getCategoryId() });

	// Run query
	List<AssetEntry> assets = AssetEntryLocalServiceUtil.getEntries(query);

	// Build result
	List<JournalArticle> result = new ArrayList<JournalArticle>();
	for (AssetEntry asset : assets) {
		try {
			result.add(JournalArticleLocalServiceUtil.getLatestArticle(asset.getClassPK(), WorkflowConstants.STATUS_APPROVED));
		} catch (PortalException ignored) {
			// happens if the asset has no JournalArticle associated ==> should not happen

	return result;

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