Minimalism : first step

As I’m about to leave France, I have finished to give/sell/throw away my stuff. I realize that I don’t own lot of things compared to some people, but still, I feel like it’s way too much.

I could have owned less stuff

I should have sold those books that I won’t re-read.
I should not have bought plastic boxes & kitchen stuff while I had already enough of those.
I should not have kept those clothes I have not worn for a long time.
I should have bought higher quality things to keep them longer.
I should not have bought objects that are not really useful or have no use at all (like decoration)
I should have sorted & scanned all my wage slips, bills, medical sheets, administrative sheets, etc.

New rules

  • Sold / give / throw away when an item becomes useless
  • Rent instead of buying when possible
  • Don’t buy any decoration items
  • Don’t buy for the ”pleasure” of buying

The more you have room, the more things you own

I’m on my way to minimalism, but there is still a long way to go! 😉

Next step : the 100-things challenge

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