Is 2016 already over?

This year has been kind of special for me, I realized a lot of things about myself, found new friends (and kept the old ones :)) and decided that I had to break my routine by leaving France.

This time I’ve done a timeline:


  • I went to Prague for the New Year’s eve with Christopher, Jesse, Laurent, Jessica, Thibault and Rozenn. We have not visited a lot of things, we mostly ate and drank all day long 🙂 The youth hostel we found is awesome, its bar was our daily last stopover. At midnight we did not have a glass of champagne but we had some snow!


  • One night (around 2AM), Christopher and I were about to play videogames while having couple of drinks when suddenly… Someone rang then doorbell, I opened it and saw two people I did not know: it was Annaelle and Nicolas. They were partying in my neighbor’s flat when they heard some noise upstairs, thus they decided to come (the truth is that they ran out of alcohol!!). From that day I have met a lot of great people: Lorine (my neighbor), Charlotte, Florian, Eliott, Paul and few others…


  • Every saturday = a friend’s birthday (Fabien, Solène, Dorian, Jessica)
  • Saint Patrick’s day: one of my favorite days of the year, all pubs in Nantes were crowded. It was on a Thursday so I took a leave on Friday (like some of my friends) and we spent a great night in several pubs. We (Jesse, Christopher and I) lifted Lorine to the next pub because she wanted to go back to sleep, she had no choice other than following us 🙂
  • I realized that I’ve been in Nantes for quite a long time, in my mind it was clear that I had to find a new place to move to. I wrote an article about it.


  • I turned 25 years old, it’s kind of a step in my life, like the end of my youth (I would say that it has ended when I started working). Truly, I’ve got to think about what I want to do in my life and what I plan to do in the coming years (I’m still not able to plan my life for more than one/two years). It was also the occasion to make a big party at home (like our housewarming last year).
  • I went to a wine fair near Cholet with Christopher, Fabien and Laurent. I really enjoyed it, we have tasted lot of different kinds of wine and we had nice chats with most of wine producers. I’m fascinated to see people like them, who are devoted to their work, who love what they produce, who spend time to improve year after year their product. Thank you Fabien.


One of my friend, Manon, was working in Belfast. So Christopher and I decided to visit her for couple of days. Our plane landed in Dublin, we spent one day there (I’ve already been there before, not Christopher) just looking around (Guinness museum is mandatory for newcomers) and going to Irish pubs!

At the end of the day we had to take a train to Belfast, we almost missed it because we did not see the time passing! I had booked two seats that are in front of two other seats (the kind of situation where you are forced to talk to the person in front of you), I did it on purpose, just to have a chance to travel with true Irish people, aaand it worked! We spent 3 hours to talk with two Irish woman (one was around 60 year old, the other one was her mother :)). We talked about everything, from politics to philosophy. I don’t know why but I felt really happy to meet them.

We spent the next three days in Belfast, going to pubs together and sometimes with Manon! (We also visited the titanic museum, so we could say that we visited at least one cultural thing)

June – July

  • We went to a music festival called “Art Rock” with Jesse, Christopher and Fabien. We did not know about this festival, Annaelle and Lorine talked about it and they suggested to host us in their parent’s house, how could we refuse? We had really a great time during those three days.
  • During this summer I should have been going to a lot of music festivals, but unfortunately, I got my left fibula broken (I won’t explain how :)). I had two weeks of sick leave, followed by one month of working from home.
  • The day after I broke my fibula, I decided not to stay in my sofa (I thought my ankle was sprained so I just wore my old orthosis) and went to a music festival called Metiv’son.
  • During the following month I had to use my legs as little as possible. Fortunately, Lorine was unemployed at this time, so we spent plenty of time together, we did a lot of different things: cook, eat, cook, eat, drink, watch tv, cook and eat. I went out at least once a day but it was not for going far away: Gigg’s, Bateau Lavoir
  • Euro football cup: we made our way through the final but sadly, we lost (it should has been a remake of 98!!). Anyway, it was really amazing! Football is a great opportunity to gather people together.
  • Léopold is born (my 4th nephew)
  • There is one festival I did not want to miss : les Vieilles Charrues. Thanks to Gwendal and Kriboule, I was volunteering there again! (with my stretches… Anyway, that’s still volunteering as I was able to fill in hundred of beers (as a bartender)). I had the chance to see the Pixies in live! (one of my favorite bands when I was in high school)
  • During the last week of July, I got contacted by an IT company located in Montréal called “SII Canada”. I had three interviews, and then, decided to grab this opportunity.


  • On August 1st, I gave my resignation letter to my manager at Orange. From that day, the next 3 months (until my departure to Montréal) were dedicated to spend time my friends & family.
  • I went to Budapest during one week with Jesse, Jessica, Benoit (we also met Annaelle, Ludivine, Florian and Paul there). We went there to explore the city and for the Sziget festival.

There is a huge castle where you have a beautiful view of Budapest (it’s pretty high so you have to walk a bit). We also went to natural thermal sources in the heart of Budapest, there are multiple baths (ultra cold, really hot, with bubbles) where you can just sit and enjoy, it was truly soothing and relaxing.

We went to Sziget festival during 3 days (not in a row), this festival is really huge! It takes place on an island located in the north of Budapest, there are a dozen of stages, lots of bars and a billion of Quechua tents!


  • I went to Milan with Blandine for 5 days. Milan is really a beautiful city, there are plenty of things to see (through a camera for Blandine #teenager). Food is absolutely delicious… italian gastronomy is really rich, full of colors & flavors. We had great times there! I’m not talking about the 62 churches we visited (my feet thank you Blandine), I’m talking about gelato, aperitivo, lago di como, mosquito (for her), mojito (for me)…
  • Someone I care about left France, I haven’t known her for very long but I can attest she is a wonderful girl. I have enjoyed each and every moment spent with her, I would have just hoped we could have spent more time together but our short-term projects were different. Anyway, Internet does exist so we can easily stay in touch.


  • We went to a music festival called “Breizh folies” with Lorine, Jesse, Christopher and Fabien. We located a small mobile home in a camping near the festival, we spent two days mostly eating, talking and drinking (2€ beer during happy hour!). Simple moments + friends = nice memories.
  • As I was about to leave to Canada, I had to hold a party. And as I was living in a flatsharing with Jesse, he had to find a smaller flat, so we had to celebrate his relocation! So we hosted an all-in-one party to celebrate those two events. We messed up this flat a last time, inviting a lot of friends to join us 🙂


  • I arrived in Montréal on November 2nd, I’ll live there for the next two years.
  • I was at the Olympic Stadium of Montreal for the MLS Eastern Conference final. Soccer is pretty cheap out there, I wanted to attend to this game to see Drogba in real life. As he is quite old he played only the last 10 minutes, anyway it was great to see him.
  • I spent a weekend in a chalet near Montréal with couple of people I’ve met in November. That was the first time I saw so much snow (I’ve never been to mountain for holidays in my life). There are beautiful landscapes, snow is a nice nature beautifier… Thanks Jean and Antoine!


  • I attended to a NHL game with Raphael : Montreal vs San Jose. Unfortunately, Montreal lost so the atmosphere was kind of calm, but still, it was really amazing to see professional hockey players with my own eyes. This was a gift from my friends from France, thank you all!

If I had to choose a year in Nantes, among the 8 years I spent here, I would choose this year! Lots of parties, new friends, old friends, new job… It was lovely 🙂

Two friends of mine lost their dad, two artists I wanted to see in my life died (David Bowie and Leonard Cohen). Life is short, enjoy it until the end.

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