How to use Google Slides as a OneNote alternative

OneNote is my favorite software for taking notes, I use it everyday for taking & organizing notes, sometimes sharing them to friends/colleagues.

Unfortunately is blocked at my office. I can still use the desktop version but I can’t synchronize my notebooks and I’m not able to share them.

So, I’ve found an alternative which won’t be blocked: Google Drive with Google Slides

How to have (almost) the same tree structure

OneNote Google Drive
Notebook Folder
Section Subfolder
Page Google Slides document
Subpage Slide

OneNote-like features

  • Blocks: You can create a piece of text and put it wherever you want in your slide
  • Formatting: highlight text, change font size/color, …
  • Structuring: tables, bullets lists, checklists, …
  • Drawings: from simple shapes to complex diagrams (really easy to use!)
  • Search: Google is known for its search engine, isn’t it? 🙂

Message in a bottle (let’s hope that Google will find it)

Only a couple of features are required to make Google Slides a great OneNote alternative. (try to imagine OneNote coupled with Google Docs live collaboration)

I don’t know why they don’t fork Google Slides to create Google Notes, it would be awesome. (I know Google Keep exists, but it lacks of a lot of features I need)

2 thoughts on “How to use Google Slides as a OneNote alternative

  1. Thibault says:

    Nice idea, but I see a few weak points here. While OneNote allows you to insert text, images, tables, etc. wherever you want, Google Slides keeps you in the tiny space of a slide. I definitely need more space.

    OneNote also has powerful integration of Excel spreadsheets, autocompletion, linked notes (and shortcuts like the following: try to type [[my new note]] in a note in OneNote). And by Excel spreadsheets, I don’t mean “inserting a table in a note”. I mean actual spreadsheet integration.

    It has a really advanced OCR feature, and a much developed search tool.
    You can also record audio while taking notes in OneNote. It will transcript the audio in text and make it fully searchable as text. If you click anywhere on your note, it will bring you to where the audio was at the moment you typed that note.

    The idea of Google making a “OneNote” like is exciting, but this time, Microsoft is well ahead of any of the note taking apps (Evernote, Google Drive, whatever). Yes, the free software evangelist that I was is using Microsoft software, because no one can compete today.

    I’d rather use OneNote locally at work, or sync it once a day on my personal hotspot than using Google Slides.

    Great article, wew 🙂

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