The biggest graveyard in the world is yet to be built

Can you imagine what Facebook will look like in a hundred years?

Thousands of Facebook profiles are created every day, how many of them will be deleted when people die?

The social network

Facebook does not share statistics about its users, so let’s say the following one is accurate (it is based on a survey [1]).

Distribution of Facebook users (in millions) in USA by age group :

Distribution of facebook users in USA

Facebook Annual Report [2] states: “Monthly active users (MAUs) were 1.86 billion as of December 31, 2016”

Let’s estimate the distribution of Facebook users in the world based on previous chart.

Welcome to zombieland

In 70 years, almost all people from my generation (25-34) will be dead.

Can you imagine how many “zombie profiles” will exist on Facebook?

Rough estimate, it represents around 486 million people.

What could be the use of those profiles for Facebook?

How could they afford to keep zombie profiles? (they are not profitable, as Facebook revenues are based on advertisement)

How will you react when Facebook reminds you a memory with one of your relatives who died?

After Life

It’s obvious that Facebook have already thought of it.

When a user passes away, there are two options [3]:

  • Cremation : Your relatives will ask for deletion of your profile
  • Burial : Your relatives will ask to keep your profile, the word Remembering will be shown next to your name



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