What’s the point?

The global environmental situation is getting worse every day.

Some people are worried about it, some others do not really care about it.


What’s the point of trying to reduce our energy consumption while a dozen of ships pollute as much as all cars?

What’s the point of having governments who focus on economic growth and (almost) do not care about ecology?

What’s the point of innovating in technologies when a brand new TV lasts less than a decade?

What’s the point of giving people the right to vote if they only think to their short-term future?

What’s the point of trying to save the Earth while being unable to live in peace?

What’s the point of telling people that getting towards a 100% green economical situation is too expensive while in 2016 all countries in the world spent $1686 billion in military expenditure?

What’s the point of having children while being unable to promise them a sane future?

There is only one Earth

We have almost destroyed the Earth.

Wildlife suffers from our presence, even human beings suffer from their own presence.

The world will continue to spin without us.

How could we drastically change the way we live today in order to preserve our planet?

Further reading

I’ve gathered a list of interesting stuff that should make you think twice about the destiny of our planet.

⭐ An extract of “Pale Blue Dot” from Carl Sagan ⭐
Fish & plastic
Plastic everywhere
Rare floodings not so rare
Human is the second deadliest animal on Earth
Live global flight tracker
16 ships pollute as much as all the cars in the world
More CO2, less nutrients
The Uninhabitable Earth
The Nantucket Project: a solution for cheap & clean energy
We’re doomed – Mayer Hillman

Some statistics:

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