About me

Who I am

Hey! My name is Vianney, and I am a  french software developer. I live and work in Montréal (Canada).

I was born in Saint Cyr des Gâts (Vendée department, France), I’ve been enjoying its fresh air since 1991.

In 2013, I graduated from the University of Nantes with a master degree in computer science & management (MIAGE diploma).

What I want to tell

I created this blog in order to share my experiences about software development. This blog will contain a lot of code snippets. Moreover, I also want to express my thoughts on life in general.

What I do

I’m a Java web developer, I feel comfortable with backend and frontend.

In this blog I’m trying to share information that could be useful to others.

I also want to use this blog as a personal “memo” in order to avoid losing time on things I’ve already done before.

I hope my blog will help people as some other blogs helped me before.

What I like

I like to live with open-minded and happy people. As a relaxed man, I just want to live my life easily. Friends, parties, travels and good old music pave my way for such a way of life.

I read HackerNews everyday, it’s a great source of knowledge. I think every tech-guy should have a daily look to this website in order to stay aware of what is done (and what will be done) in the IT-world.

Here is my Github account.

Contact me!

You can contact me either via the following form in this page or via my LinkedIn profile.

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